Audio Video Splitter – Synchronize A-V Signals From One Source to Multiple Devices

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The audio video splitter can simultaneously transmit audio as well as video signals from a host computer to eight or more screens and speakers. There are a few models available to choose from when trying split audio and video. The basic AV splitter which uses standard VGA and 3.5mm audio cables, and the Cat5 audio video splitter extender which utilizes UTP/STP cabling to transmit the audio and video signals over long distances. The VGA Video and Audio Matrix is another variation which allows multiple video and audio sources to be switched and split at many locations.

Setup is accomplished easily with plug and play functionality, as these splitters are simple hardware devices that do not have software requirements for installation. These Audio Splitter devices are compatible with all sound cards as well as PCs, SUNs and MACs with VGA Video and 3.5mm stereo audio. Available in multiple sizes and models, including 2, 4, 8, and 16 ports, this product has the necessary regulatory approvals from CE, FCC and RoHS. Matrix versions can range from 2×2 up to 32×16 form factors. These splitters can also be daisy chained or cascaded together to broadcast signals to many more displays in real time. AV splitter devices can be used with DOS, Windows, LINUX, Mac OS 8.6/9/10 and SUN Solaris 8/9 operating systems.

Also compatible with WUXGA, UXGA, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, Multisync signals, the quality of images remains as clear as the original image since there is no loss of video or audio quality. Each Video Splitter unit amplifies the signal, and projects the image as if the display device is directly connected to the video source. High resolutions of 1920 x 1440 @ 60 Hz are supported by these devices. Supporting DDC, DDC2, and DDC2B protocols along with ultra high bandwidth of 400 MHz, these units are equipped with standard 15 pin HD VGA connectors. Control of these devices is via push buttons on the front panel. Some models have optional infrared remote control.

Ideal for places where multi media information needs to be shared such as in showrooms, financial institutions, exhibitions, trade shows, advertising and digital signage applications, remote monitoring or training facilities, stock exchanges, airpo